“Don’t let what they say get to you…”

It is so much easier said, Than done. Words can ring out and slice you right down the middle. You can joke them off, or push them to the side, because of course you are confident enough to not pay any attention to those silly words. Until you lay down your head at night and let them replay over and over, and you turn into a little girl again wondering how long it will be before you feel like you belong. I think we need to be careful. Just so careful.

You dont know everyone’s past. You dont know everyone’s last week, or last days, or last years, or “lifetime ago’s”. And one simple statement can puncture them to their core. Their words struck a nerve, because the sense of rejection has been there before. Their words, though different, actually said “You don’t belong.” Their sense of entitlement took away your sense of belonging, and it crushed you.

When their words hit the center of you it reopened old wounds, and Satan just laughed and laughed. He got them to throw and unintentional punch, and it slung messiness all over the place. The enemy is so real and there is nothing that gives him more pleasure than you feeling rejection, or not valuable, or dismissed. The years you’ve invested, the time well spent, the time trying to belong and fit in feels undeniably unimportant. This gives him the greatest joy.

But God tells us we belong. He says we are His. He says we belong under is wing and absolutely have a seat at the table. You are so loved by God, that the mere thought of you, put you into existence and declared you “very good.” You are valuable and you have a place.

Words can be thrown like daggers, but they can not strike if we are coated in the armour of Gods love and goodness. We have to remember to whom we belong, when we feel as if we don’t. As much as I’ve received words like daggers, I’ve sent them too. If my soul was crushed by words, my words have crushed others too. Let’s be careful with each others hearts. Warm and welcoming is how I want my words to sit. I think so much of our problems with the world would stop, if we would help stop the sense of rejection and hurt- And instead offer “Come inside, you belong”. Happy Monday Yall❤


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